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Application Open March 1st to 15th

Hasta el martes, 15 de marzo de 2016

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The S Factory

The S Factory

The S Factory is a pre-accelerator, part of Start-Up Chile, where female leaders turn innovative ideas into functional prototypes. We are looking for projects that are technology related with high impact potential to join us for a 12-week experience to learn all the basics to get started in the startup world. Plus, participants will get the opportunity to live the amazing experience of learning side by side with Start-Up Chile, the largest and most diverse startup community in the world.


The S Factory’s admission process is organized with the support of YouNoodle, a California-based company that provides a technology platform used by leading entrepreneurship clubs and university competitions worldwide. An internal selection panel will make the final approval decision. – Those who are selected to participate in The S Factory program must be able to move to Chile and stay here full time and take active part in the program for 12 weeks.



We ask all startups to provide a 2 minute video, explaining what pain is solved, introduce the team members and why are you applying to The S Factory. Videos with animations will be rejected.


Recommendation letters
We want to see somebody that believes in your project and is confident in the team. A good recommender could be a person from the industry of the startup, an entrepeneur or a former boss. They should have a clear idea of your leadership capabilities.


Over 18
All participants must be over 18 years of age.

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