R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator

R/GA Connected Commerce Accelerator

Hasta el lunes, 23 de mayo de 2016

The program will bring together global leaders in the commerce space to provide unparalleled partnership opportunities for startups creating innovative experiences and technologies at the intersection of digital and physical commerce.

The program will feature a series of Partner Roundtable sessions that will bring the startups selected for the program together with the Program Partners and experts from around the globe to explore the trends defining the future of connected commerce.

R/GA will provide each selected startup with its award–winning business transformation, strategic marketing, branding, design, and technology services, as well as access to its network of industry partners, global brand leaders, mentors, and investors.

The founders will also have access to the Westfield Labs team, who are among the world’s leading experts in the convergence of digital shopping with physical retail and have a broad network of retailers across the globe.

Our Focus

The program encourages applications from growth-stage startups as well as early-stage startups. The program will emphasize opportunities for business development, pilots, and partnerships with program partners and their networks.

Areas of interest include: in-store experiences, mobile commerce, payments, merchandising, customer service, conversational commerce, workforce management, POS, inventory, collaborative and distributed commerce, blockchain, analytics, CRM and loyalty, delivery and distribution, marketing, dynamic pricing, content, and VR/AR commerce experiences.

The program will enable startups to develop and launch new business models that will disrupt the status quo and reimagine the future of commerce.

How It Works

Capital investment of $120K for up to 5% equity

Co-workspace facilities provided in R/GA’s San Francisco office

100+ mentors from the Program Partners and their respective networks

Partnership, distribution, and strategic support from leading commerce and retail companies

Product, brand, and business-building from R/GA

Invite-only Demo Day hosted at Westfield’s San Francisco Bespoke event space

What's the timeline?

  •  Mar 11 2016 Applications Accepted
  •  May 23 2016 Application Deadline
  •  Jun 30 2016 Selected Startups Notified
  •  Aug 1 2016 Program Begins
  •  Oct 26 2016 Demo Day San Francisco
    For more information open this link
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