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skid installation
Alphatec Engineering

Alphatec Engineering

Publicado el miércoles, 22 de enero de 2020 a las 13:26

Grouting is a profession unto its own, and if you want a professional job well done to support the critical machinery resting on it, you might consider subcontracting the grouting to a reputable grout contractor.

This approach will not add a cost burden to the project, but it will guarantee a trouble-free lifetime installation. 

Skid-mounted machines required to be filled with mortar or concrete, creating many voids and gaps and faulty adhesion between the skid and the foundation, generating different scenarios; adjacent concrete slabs with undesired relative movement; stress-related cracks; cold joints; among others.

To directly address all these scenarios and achieving the best results, we developed the ALPHATEC® 300 Epoxy resins serie and the injection procedure, assuring steel-concrete adhesion and a monolithic behaviour of the system. We are experts on skid installation, contact us for more information.

  • We can grout in your new skid mounted machine

The Alphatec teams are highly specialized in installing and grout all kinds of skids for Compressors, Hypercompressors, Pumps, Diesel Engines, and Gas Turbines.

We provide high-quality materials and the best solutions following the API RP 686, ACI and GMRC norms and recommendations.

  • No skid is too small or too large

Alphatec Engineering manufactures, supplies and also install their own product, being experts in its application.

The innovative ALPHATEC® branded resin-based products that we use can be formulated for different conditions depending on temperature, curing time, loads, or ambient conditions.

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